The Day2Day4Life Master Nutrition Program
is a daily profile of food and beverages to provide optimum health for mind, body, spirit.  It includes
healthy recipes for all astrological personality types and the
consequential health challenges specific to astrological signatures.  The program also components
specific tea beverages and aromatic infusions for optimum health maintenance.  The program builds it's
approach from whole food sources and compliments this foundation with supplements as well as herbs
and spice choices for a holistic source of complete nutrition.  This program was developed from my own
personal experiences and health challenges and from a lifetime of gathering and researching diet, food,
health and wellness, disease, nutrition, farming, gardening, and other available sources of information.

Day2Day4Life Program
Elixir--Health Drink
Four to Five cups Hot Water in Pot/Carafe
4--5 heaping teaspoon Organic Yerbe Mate leaf tea,
1 extra heaping teaspoon for the pot.
Now Add:
1 level teaspoon Turmeric Powder (or Curry Powder may be substituted)
1--2 heaping teaspoons Cinnamon powder
1--2 teaspoons Cayenne powder (to taste or toleration)
1 level teaspoon Nutmeg powder
1 level teaspoon Clove powder (if in pain 1-2 teaspoons or to taste)
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
Two tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar per cup of tea
Juice of 1/2 Organic Lemon or 1/2 Organic Orange to taste (make sure you scrub peels before using them)
Honey or Stevia powder to taste.
Let Steep 5 to 7 minutes, filter carefully, Enjoy!

You may also make this tea in a Mr. Coffee or drip coffee maker pot by putting tea in the filter bin and put
spices in bottom of pot to infuse when hot water is added.  Make as your would usually make your coffee
by replacing coffee grounds with tea leaves.  Filter well before drinking.

Yerbe Mate  Tea  
GUAYAKI (brand name), Organic, Traditional, Loose
'Brew just like coffee  in a French Press or coffee/expresso maker for 5-10 minutes.  Never
boil Yerbe Mate tea -- first, moisten the mate with cold water to protect the nutrients and
flavor, then add hot water.  Do not drink mate above 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  Store your
mate in a dry, air tight container or in the package it is sold in and keep away from direct
heat and light.  Contains the caffeine equivalent of 3/4 cup of coffee per serving.  This
Yerbe Mate is sustainably sourced from preserved rainforests and reforestation projects in
Argentina, Paraquay, and Brazil and this blend boasts a rich and robust mate flavor, toasty
aroma, and a balanced finish.'    

Yerbe Mate is a holly tree native to the Atlantic Rain Forests of Brazil, Paraquay and Argentina.  Daily
consumption of Yerba Mate is known to support digestive health and is also known for its adaptogen-like
qualities which include reducing the effects of occasional stress.*  This tea will have a slightly dark yellow color
due to the spices.

Drink 2-4 cups every morning.  Repeat as possible through out day, if desired.  This richly textured health elixir
will detoxify your body, as well as build up your immune system with natural Vitamin C, motivate your metabolism,
act as a pro biotic in your digestive system, help maintain your blood sugar, sweeten up your love life, and
stabilize your internal body chemistry.  It is full of antioxidants and immune building chemicals.  This is my own
signature recipe that is tried and true and well researched.  
Don't worry about 'tasting' the Garlic, the Turmeric, the Cayenne, etc.  It all melts together synergistically and
beautifully in this spicy, energetic health elixir and I honestly don't 'taste' any one spice over the Yerbe Mate
Tea.   You will come to crave this wonderful combination because you will know intuitively that you are building
your body chemistry from whole foods and wholesome, medicinal spices.  The Apple Cider Vinegar and Cayenne
give this drink a supernatural kick that just resonates with a vibration of optimum health throughout your soul!  It
is the greatest way to start your day off in the morning because your are energizing your major organs with
antioxidants and immune building chemistry.  

If you are pregnant or nursing, absolutely
Do Not use the clove powder.  If you find you have challenges
tolerating any of these spices or are allergic to them, cut back the recipe or eliminate them altogether.  Yerbe
Mate Tea by itself is a great tea and wonderful for your metabolism.  The brand I use is Guayaki, organic,
traditional, loose yerba mate, naturally caffeinated, certified fair trade.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar has been reputed for detoxification, natural and chemical action and probiotic properties, for
optimal digestion and colon health..  Apple Cider Vinegar Health Elixir is also used by many for increased internal
alkaline PH to benefit major organs and blood chemistry.  Cancer cells cannot pro-create themselves in an all
alkaline environment.  Most people have an acidic internal environment.  Our internal PH is created by the
chemistry of the foods we ingest.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Yerbe Mate is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Please see for additional information on the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Master Vitality Health Program