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At Holystic Heaven we have a positive attitude cloaked with automatic expectations of
regular miracles of prosperity, love, personal power, and healing.  We provide in-depth
information about the ‘Universal Laws’ working alongside you as your life unfolds. Nothing
in life is random.  We pilot our lives as an orchestrated contract. Guide and personalize
your life path by attracting events into your life based on your astrologically signatures
personality traits and The Universal Laws.

Knowing the true secrets to wealth, health, success, happiness, & true spirituality is our
Divine Birthright and choice.  We co-create our life events by our thoughts. What are you
thinking at this very moment?  Creating Positive?  Creating Negative?  Thoughts are
physical matter that create physical matter.  In other words, thoughts matter.

Our path as consultants, coaches, and motivational speakers is to teach the spiritual
equation to the art of manifesting on your journey to your dreams, desires, relationships,
and highest prosperity.  How can one choose life's greatest good?  One must think in a
certain way in conjunction to one's astrological wiring so that attraction of specifically
desired events and energy into your life becomes effortless. Provided here is the
information to easily re-program your thoughts to serve you in the most optimum way.
Are you ready?  We coach you about the power of your mind by using exceptional
communication and language skills.  We teach the "Re-Mind" philosophy and set of beliefs
in a way that is truly simple and remarkable. Once you comprehend the concept, then
begin living some of the principles by using them daily--amazing circumstances can show
up in your life!  Yes, we personally teach more than just the secrets to “The Secret”, a well
publicized and well received metaphysical teaching DVD introduced globally within the last
few years.  You have the power now.

Perceive it!  Intend it!  Feel it!  Believe it! Act it!  Receive it! Achieve it!  Live it!
We have been in the metaphysical healing sciences for over 25 years now, consulting with
hundreds of individuals, corporations, and large audiences about The Universal Law of
Attraction and Universal Law of Vibration transformational process.
Change your life! Change your destiny! Change your thought world!
Easily transform mental thought patterns for prosperity, abundance, health, wealth,
success, joy, and emotional intelligence.

We Workshop, We Speak, We Consult!
Organizations, Couples, Teams, Communities, Churches, Facilities, Businesses, Inmates,
Groups, Corporations, Individuals, Recovery Homes, Retirement Communities, Private