As a Self Actualization Life Coach, I listen and teach.  Initially you teach me as I listen to you.  I then begin
to teach you the Self Actualization Pyramid (Abraham Maslowe) as your fundamental building blocks of
life skills and priorities.  From the firm foundation  acknowledged and created, we then begin the Re-Mind
Process of learning how to think for success, love, prosperity, partnership, health and wellness, for mind,
body, and Spirit centered living.

I am rather atypical in my approach because I believe that all wounds can be healed in all
relationships~~whether a partnership is restored or each individual pursues a separate path.  I deal with
a large quantity of co-dependent issues in couples, partnership, and relationship counseling.   
Codependency is a predominant behavioral syndrome confronting individuals of this decade.  I provide
links and information to my clients for their own personal ongoing self-restoration with reference
materials that are available at most bookstores, libraries, or online.  Self actualization is about living life to
full potential, independently first and then in relationships, mutually interdependently.

I teach that all that is begins with our thoughts, then our thoughts become feelings, from feelings we go
into actions and behaviors, from that energy we establish habits, and as time goes on, habitually we earn
our lifestyle.  So it is of particular importance to make sure our mental programming is healthy and our
thoughts serve us for success.  Once we can truly understand ourselves in respect to how we think and
behave, what motivates us, our childhood conditioning, and the environmental issues that have formed
us, we can comprehend where and who we are presently -- and then, set out to heal ourselves--self
actualize, as such.  Then we incorporate that health in our relationships.

The underlying theme of all of my motivational and healing transitional work for individuals and couples
(and families) is that we can, each of us, have whatever we want.  I never waiver from that background
theory; it is the supportive framework with which I work with others.  The Universal Law of Attraction and
The Universal Law of Vibration are cornerstones of my fundamental spiritual and theological practice.

I hope this gives you a peek at who I am and the philosophical approach to my work.  You will sign a
disclaimer when we start because I am an unlicensed therapist; I am an Ordained Minister (ULC) and I do
my work under the legal umbrella of the Church.  However, unless couples or individuals discuss their
preference of incorporating a religious theme into a consultation, I stay neutral and  non-denominational
with only generic references to any spiritual context.
I also do couples workshops and Self Actualization Workshops, clinics, speeches, etc.
I have worked for many
years in the addiction recovery field as well.