How do we become who we are?  How does
our personality develop and how do
our characteristics become so unique to just ourselves?   
The secret is
not so much in our DNA, but in the Universe -- most especially in the
       Particles in the stars and in the stardust.   
Stardust is what neutrinos are made of.
A neutrino is one of the fundamental particles that make up the
and scientists have been working since 1931 to prove its existence
later, to
its properties.

The Universe is
with billions
billions of neutrinos traveling through space at nearly the speed of
They are so small that they pass through planets and people with
There is no neutrino shield.   They pass through everything.  
One source of neutrinos is the stars. The intense nuclear fusion
reactions that power
the stars create all kinds of sub-atomic particles, including neutrinos.
These neutrinos race out in all directions bound for the edge of the
We are constantly bombarded by these neutrinos.
To get an idea of how many neutrinos pass through us each second--
imagine that a neutrino is a molecule of water.  
Now imagine that you
 standing at the
bottom of Niagara Falls.
The shower of neutrinos is immense.
Unlike standing under a waterfall, the shower of neutrinos
comes from all directions so that we are soaked in their flow.
According to Human Design, these neutrinos have properties or
These properties may be caused by the vibrating super
strings that compose neutrinos, and the properties may be
shaped by the stars that create them.  
The abundance of neutrinos in the
Universe, produced by stars and nuclear processes, might explain
galaxies formed and why antimatter has disappeared.
Ultimately, the elusive particles might also explain the origin of
protons and electrons that make up all the matter in the Universe.  
One thing that is known about the neutrino is that, unlike particles
as electrons, neutrons and particles, it has no electrical charge.  
Three kinds, or flavors, of neutrinos exist.
Neutrinos are very hard to detect because they rarely interact with anything.
They can pass easily through
solid objects such as a planet, walls or
even a human hand without leaving a trace
of their existence.