Personalities of the Zodiac
Dec 21-January 24--Capricorn
Hard workers, driven, passionate about what they do. Stubborn, they do not give
up.  Good personality/solid sign.
January 25--February 18-- Aquarius
Social, emotional, cry the crocodile tears of the world, good with money, articulate,
free spirits, gets bored easily,  must live around water such as lakes, streams, or
oceans, persistent and emotional, loves to shop, frugal, sassy, cannot shut up, has
to have the last word, doesn't take no for an answer.  Aquarians would be good at
a non profit or a charitable agency such as the Red Cross.  Always has to be the
center of attention and the life of the party.  Great hosts and hostesses.  Great
networker of people with an ability to put the right people together.  Loves to swim
and absolutely needs to be close to bodies of water.  Will lie and not tell the truth if
it means more attention for them.
February 19, March 21--Pisces
Swims in every direction and can multi-task like no other, can never or seldom hold
onto money, very passionate, smart ass mouth, incapable of telling the truth to
themselves, smooth talkers, charismatic, charming, huge heart, others will never
know this sign truly for they hold secrets.  Pisces love and promotes drama that
surrounds them, very poor business people, very self centered to the point of being
genderistic and narcissistic, lives in magical thinking and a fantasy world, dreamers
but cannot manifest because they cannot close the deal ever. Cannot commit to one
thing, hates confrontation, except thrives on the drama.  Very sexual.  Always
wants to be the life of the party and center of attention.  Many Pisces suffer from
personality disorders, especially ego centered.
March 22-April 20--Aries
Very good with numbers, analytical, but live out of their bodies always, with very
low emotional intelligence.  Can use anger to control, verbal abusers, can be
arrogant, but can also be good leaders.  Aries tend to stay conservative and safe,
these individuals act like big fish in
small ponds.  They have an unsettled energy system, with irregular electrical wiring
on their interior and neurological systems.  Can be annoying energy to be around
for long periods.  Aries are challenged if they are married to a Pisces.  Rational
thinkers, comprehensive thinkers, but can be very stubborn.  Can manifest
Parkinsonian symptoms early in life, particularly in gait.  Live their lives in an state
of imbalance amongst their body, mind, spirit.
April 21-May 23--Taurus
Can be very stubborn, hard headed, strong willed, good leaders, very organized,
controlling, works well by self, can work socially well at times, very articulate,
fashionable women, good with money, love to make money, not domestic, do not
want children nor do they relate well to children, very controlling, relatively good
with sales, articulate.  Taurus individuals are the best lawyers, on either side of the
plea and issue.
May 24-June 21--Gemini
Always in twins sets or has a dedicated lifetime soul mate, many times fraternal
and identical twins.  Polar opposite soul sets can run in families and one can be
very mellow and one very insecure.  Gemini's are dual personality signs--many can
act similar to Scorpio's and many can act similarly to Aires.  Ethnicity and age have
a great deal to do with this personality; also hair color will direct their  behaviors,
with red hair and ruddy complexion being arrogant, temper prone with angry
outbursts and blond hair being rather mellow and well put together emotionally.  
Gemini's are the sign of complete differences as polar opposites within one
context; one Gemini of a soul set can be intelligent and well mannered and the
other member of the soul set can be quite arrogant and emotionally unintelligent.  
Take care around Gemini's until you know who you are dealing with, for with one
you will feel quite safe and the other in a bit of danger.
June 22-July 23--Cancer
Does not know how to let go, very sensitive and emotional, greatest life priority is
home and family.  Cancers clutter their spaces and frequently hoard, are sensitive
to cold and heat, are very intelligent, and have high psychic ability with great
intuitive skills.  Cancers make great detectives, they are information freaks,
predominately right side of the brain thinkers with literally very little left
hemispheric function.  Cancers are very creative, they love color and music and are
highly artistic.  Cancers suffer with significant periods in life where they experience
low self esteem and can become addiction prone, particularly with food, as well as
experiencing episodes of depression.  Cancers have a great sense of humor, dry
humor, and are great communicators, writers, actors.  Can suffer from mental
illness, are controlling and self absorbed, and frequently misunderstood.  Cancer's
signature animal is the crab and most Cancer behaviors classically and
characteristically run from any criticism back into their shells.  Cancers stay loyal
to people, places, and things far longer than it serves them; their abandonment
issues plague them for their entire lifetime.  They are approval seeking, and are
excellent business people by way of frugality and intuition.  They are the best
parents of all in the Zodiac.  They can be socially shy, but great actors when need
be.  Ruled by the lunar phases with corresponding mood swings.  Needs to be close
to water and loves to swim.  Usually have round faces.  Seeks the night sky
frequently for the location and phases of the moon and are night owls.
July 24-August 20--Leo
Signature animal is the lion--the King of the Jungle.  They mistakenly think they
have no courage.  They do have courage, they just don't have the wisdom to always
know this fact in their lives. They have tremendous courage when challenged and
can rise to unique occasions with tenacity. Leo's have great prowess and power
through their own physical beauty, but can suffer with low self esteem and can be
very shy.  They lack discernment of wisdom to act to make healthy decisions for
themselves, and are not particularly domestic.  They are challenged to be neat, are
well liked by others and have lots of friends.  They are creative, frequently afraid to
make changes, and like Cancers stay loyal to situations that don't serve them
because of fear, low confidence, can be emotionally stuck.  Once they 'get it', they
usually choose not to return to the scenario or the love they dismissed.
August 21-Sept 21--Virgo
Fantastic with money and very hard workers, very controlling, workaholics, low self
esteem, gossipy, needs to know every one's business, hot tempers, smart mouths,
think they are better than others, sense of entitlement and arrogance, cannot
decorate a house.  Good with numbers, analytical, the best memories of all the
signs, and wonderful with the alphabet.  Are great with technology, electronics,
computers, software, games, and very detail oriented.  Virgo's know naturally how
to make lots of money.
Sept 22-Oct 23--Libra
Safety and security are paramount to this sign as they cannot think outside of the
box or make up their minds.  They have no sense of direction in life, are insecure,
can be depression prone, are frequently ill or are chronically complaining of
illness.  This sign does not like confrontation, wants and needs everything in their
lives balanced and harmonious.  Libra's are excellent parents, especially Libra
fathers.  They are competent and good craftsman and good with their hands.  They
are so financially insecure that they become prudent and good savers with a
philosophy that something is better than nothing.  They can be vicious but are
usually very mellow, and love to joke around with a great sense of humor.  Libra's
keep an ongoing list of resentments and never forget someone that does them
wrong--this tendency can ruin their lives or create huge obstacles that they seldom
overcome.  They live their lives from this list.  Cannot forgive.
Oct 24-Nov 22--Scorpio
Love to challenge you in a confrontational situation, responsible, great partners of
Cancers, worker bees, well liked, with many friends, and are good communicators.  
If middle children they are wonderful family caretakers and managers.  Scorpio's
deserve all the blessings they can attract into their lives for they are generous and
gracious givers--however are surrounded by takers.  Scorpio's are well adapted
peacemakers, and have great big hearts.  Scorpio's can have some tendency's for
some poor anger control.  Scorpio's can always be counted on to come through.
Nov 23-Dec 21--Sagittarius
Must have their freedom with their mobility very important to their lives.  They will
not commit in relationships and are characterized as poor partners.  Sagittarians
are very sexual, and can be secretive.  They are avoidance addicts and may forget
to pay their bills because they are too busy.  They are frequently bored and need
variety in their lives  and change is a must.  Sags love to travel everywhere, are
charming and sensitive, and do not like to be pinned down.  They do not like
confrontation or drama, nor do they have deep family relationships.  They can
speak without thinking first, are clumsy and can be money challenged.  They are
frequently chronically single and happier that way, marrying  late in life, if married
at all. They are creative and hard workers. They operate with their shadow side and
can be creepers, stalkers, loving to be and live by themselves.  They are not
particularly social, but can be charismatic when around others.  They operate their
life agenda's by stealth.  If you happen to be intimately involved with a Sagittarian
and he/she is a former or current FBI, CIA, or IRS agent, you are in double trouble
because they usually always lead a double life.  Don't call them, wait until they call
you.  They hate to be pursued, stalked, or shadowed by anyone, but in turn prefer
to shadow other people and live their lives down low underneath the radar.  
Sagittarians can disappear from your life for days at a time, making it difficult to
maintain a healthy, serious partnership.  They show up when they want to and they
see nothing wrong with that lifestyle.  They don't like hassles and need to feel a
sense of freedom at all times.  Their feet are always moving and their feet and legs
are the personal anatomy that is usually compromised.  Frequently emotionally
unavailable for intimacy or any kind of drama, they are the absolute healthiest of
all the Zodiac signs for emotional stability.  They don't sweat the small stuff and
don't engage in drama.  They are Timekeepers and frequently are always looking
backside to see if anyone is there.  Unable to consistently tell the truth when asked.
Most Sag men shower only at night.

Ethnicity can sometimes override, enhance, or magnify the astrologically
signatured personality, characterized by hair and complexion color which denotes
peace or anger dimensions.