Say this prayer and affirmation every day for 90 days & watch your life become abundant and prosperous!

“Prosperity is the circulation of money in my world.  It is movement.  It is activity.  
It is a flow”
Money is God’s activity in my life.
Prosperity is the nature of Spirit.   I am Spirit.  Therefore, the truth about me is that
I am Prosperous.  I am part of the natural flow of life.  God’s Abundance is
circulating in me now, enlivening my being and enriching my Life.
One of the ways I enjoy prosperity is through the co-creation and activity of money
in my world.  It flows in and out of my life freely and abundantly.  I enjoy having
huge, heaping amounts of money to circulate.
I have plenty to use to express and delight myself.  I have plenty to invest to
increase my wealth.  I have plenty to share with others to contribute to their
desires.  I have enormous wealth in mind, body, and spirit.  
I have wealth in my co-creating.
I allow myself to have more money than ever before so that I may create and serve
the Universe and humanity.
I am enthusiastic about the flow of money in my life.  It shows up in wonderful
ways, both expected and unexpected.  I welcome it with joy and gratitude.  I let it
flow, and there is always more.
Money is simply energy.  It must flow and go forth in order to flow and come back.  
It is the Law of the Universe, the Circle of Life.   Positive begets Positive.  It
becomes the Law of Attraction and The Law of Vibration, also.
Magnetism and Fulfillment always ensue.  
It becomes the Law of Prosperity and Abundance!
In order to humbly serve.