Introduce these Six Essential Spices4LifeSupport,
in powder form for easy absorption,
because of their overall health benefits.

Clove -- for pain and for restful sleep, provides a sense of well being
Garlic -- for the Immune System and blood purification
Nutmeg -- for antibiotic properties and sexual energy
Turmeric -- for anti-cancer chemistry/anti-inflamatory
Cinnamon -- for blood sugar stabilization
Cayenne -- for increased metabolism and Vitamin C

I also drink Apple Cider Vinegar at least 1--2 times per day.  I drink it with
water (2 Tbs. To 6 oz H2O), or combine it with Green tea or Yerbe Mate tea or
other beverages in the same ratio.
It has multiple benefits and has been used for many years as a health elixir.

Apple Cider Vinegar has been reputed for detoxification, natural and chemical
action and pro biotic properties, for optimal digestion and colon health..  Apple
Cider Vinegar Health Elixir is also used by many for an increased internal alkaline
PH to benefit major organs and blood chemistry.  Cancer cells cannot pro-create
themselves in an all alkaline environment.  Most people have an acidic internal
environment.  Our internal PH is created by the chemistry of the foods we ingest.  
So, knowing this, we can upgrade and manipulate our internal PH by wise choices
specific to alkaline foods and beverages.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Yerbe Mate is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Please see for additional information on the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.

The principles that I use are very simple.  I use a base or foundation--a vehicle--
that I utilize to carry and ship all of my herbs and spices into my body with.  This
'vehicle' could be a coffee, a tea, a soup, a beverage, a vegetable, or a meat.  I think
of all of my meals as a shipment of chemistry to heal my body and build my
immune system.  I need a 'vehicle' to carry all of these medicines, herbs, and spices
into my body.  Maybe it is a piece of bread or toast.  Maybe a marshmallow!  Some
form or foundation in which to transport, easily and agreeably, my medicinal herbs
into my body for maximum absorption and assumption.  It might be a smoothie or
hot chocolate.  Or lemonade.  It might be mashed potatoes, oatmeal, baked potato,
or scrambled eggs.  It could even be a cocktail or dessert, ice cream, yogurt, or a
appetizer, or chocolate milk shake.  All foods that I eat are an opportunity to
chemically alter-- in my favor-- for optimum health.  From spices such as Cayenne
to Turmeric to Garlic to Fennel Seed~~from Allspice to Cinnamon to Nutmeg to
Basil and Oregano-- I never miss any possible chance to support, strengthen, and
enhance my immune system, major organs, and my bones with super chemistry.
Food is Chemistry.  
Our Mind is the Master Chemist.
This is the Day2Day4Life Master Vitality Nutrition
It is simple chemistry.

SIX Essential Spices4Life Support
Day2Day4Life Master Vitality Program