The Runners

We all have Runners in our lives.  Fascinating information about Runners is
described in Catherine Ann Lake's enlightening book
"LINKING UP--How the People in Your Life are Road Signs to Self-Discovery".
Catherine Ann Lake calls Runners "the Messengers of Life.....those that show up
and show you wherever you are ... to allow you to garnish wisdom".  
She goes on to write: "Runners and Messengers tend to be quite obvious in their
personalities and in what they show you.  For example, if you need to understand
your anger, some very angry people will show up in your life.  If you need to learn
to tolerate criticism, some very critical people will show up.  If you need to learn
about being scattered, you may suddenly find a lot of scattered people around
you.  We seem to need the miracles and wonderment to appear in our lives before
we can truly know for ourselves that we are a timeless and unlimited soul.  
Be open to the Runners and Messengers".
My explanation, experience, and understanding of "runners" is a person, place, or
thing that shows up in our lives to teach us the lessons that we need to know
before we evolve onto the next level of consciousness.  The time element for these
lessons can be just a moment, or up to a lifetime.  This has been my experience.  
Examples of runners can be: significant partner, a significant person, a significant
place, an impersonal experience with a stranger, a detached experience that does
not seem ordinary to our life history, someone showing up in our lives under
extraordinary circumstances, someone familiar/someone unfamiliar impacting our
lives, a place that has an energetic magnetism to our life story, truths revealed to
our path that share a lesson to us, a short experience with someone that has an
explosive lesson, many lessons learned from a long history with a significant
person, or relationships with a person, place or thing close by or far away that we
pay attention to.
Who were the teachers in your life? Who were you teachable to?  Who were the
mentors in your life?  Who was kind?  Who was mean? Who did you like or
dislike?    Who did you teach the lessons you know now?  Nothing in life is
random.  Every event, every person, place or thing is orchestrated for life lessons.   
And meant to enhance the evolving of one's soul.  Our contract is our life path.  
Who were the runners in your childhood, early adult life, adulthood, and later
years?  Were you awake to the lessons they brought to you?  Are you now on the
Path to Awakening?  Who are the runners for you this very perfect moment?  

Awaken to the lessons.
Awaken to your Path.